Bar Mitzva in Israel

are you looking for a unique and exciting way to host a special event at the Western Wall 

:Whether you are
planning a Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Israel's Old City ■
 A Shabbat Chatan or Shabbat Sheva Brachot ■
Want to combine your Simcha with a fascinating & exciting tor of ■
the Jewish heritage sites of the Old City

Ziv Betzalel - Between the Arches offers you a highly experienced & courteous staff that is traited to give special attention to all details both large and small. We provide our clients with the very best service and accompany them in all phases of their Simcha. our goal is to offer our clients & their guests a most unforgettable and once
.in a lifetime experience in Israel

Among the many additional services we offer our clients

Full production of Bar & Bat Mitzvah Shabbatot & Weekday affairs

Shabbat Chatan

Shabbat Sheva Brachot

Selection of 4-5 star hotels, country resots including special venue that offer indoor & air conditioned facilities

Coordinate with all parties involved in your event to create the perfect and trouble free experience that you deserve

Offering varaiety of specially tailored tours for Bar/Bat Mitzvot & other specialized groups with  professional multi-lingual tour guides

A selection of top kosher restaurants in Jerusalem - both dairy & meat

A variety of Breakfast & Brunch Buffet options

Offering musical bands, Chazanim & variety of special effects for all occasions

Photographer & Videographer Professional Al Tishkacheni (Hebrew for "Don't forget Me") souvenirs & more